Poetry for Adults

Some Poems My poetry for adults has appeared in a range of publications.

The Unborn was published in Images of Women, edited by Myra Schneider and Dilys Wood, Arrowhead, 2006

My poems Cotoneaster Berries and Sun Block may be seen in the Special Online Supplement to the Rilke issue of Agenda (Vol 42 No 3-4)

Two Birches, Bird's Heads and Quins: Blackburn 1786 appear in the Agenda Online Supplement to the Past Histories issue (Vol 43 No 1)

Lines is included in the Agenda Online Supplement to the Lauds issue of Agenda (Vol 43 Nos 2-3)

Looking for Balloons was published in ARTEMISpoetry (Issue 4  May 2010)

Sun Block appeared in Seeking Refuge, edited by Jan Fortune-Wood, Cinnamon Press 2010

Birth appeared in
ARTEMISpoetry (Issue 7  November 2011)

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